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Employers Beware: the DOL has an App that might cost you plenty!

On Monday, May 9, 2011, the Department of Labor issued a news release promoting a smartphone “timesheet app” for employees to use to track their time.  The Department of Labor’s description makes it clear the agency’s rationale for providing the new app: “… a timesheet to help employees independently track the hours they work and determine the wages they […]


On March 25, 2011, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued its final regulations implementing the 2008 ADA Amendment Act (ADAAA).  The final regulations create a critical management training need that should be implemented promptly.  The final regulations create a much lower threshold for employees to meet in order to establish that they are disabled. Consequently, because more employees will be “disabled,” […]

ALERT! It Was Just Announced That Florida’s Minimum Wage Increases June 1st!

Effective June 1, 2011, the Florida minimum wage will  increase to $7.31 per hour. With this increase, Florida will once again  exceed the federal minimum wage, and employers operating within the State will be required to comply with the higher standard.  Also effective on June 1, 2011, those “tipped employees” in  Florida who otherwise meet eligibility […]