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The Record High Discrimination Claims Continue

The EEOC has published data about fiscal year 2009 private sector job bias charges. The chart included shows the 2009 claims, as well as the percentage increase in that respective type of charge since 2006.  The EEOC’s statistics can be found at this link.  Overall, about 93,000 claims were filed during the year, a slight decrease from the approximately 95,000 filed in 2008.

 The data shows that private sector job bias charges alleging discrimination based on disability, religion and/or national origin hit record highs. Disability claims increased to 21,451 from 19,453 in 2008. Religious discrimination claims increased slightly over 2008 figures, to 3,386, and national origin claims increased slightly to 11,134.

According to the EEOC’s website, the number of charges alleging age-based discrimination reached the second-highest level ever. In 2009, 22,778 such claims were filed. Continuing a decade-long trend, the most frequently filed charges with the EEOC in FY 2009 were charges alleging discrimination based on race (36%), retaliation (36%), and sex-based discrimination (30%).

“The near-historic level of total discrimination charge filings may be due to multiple factors, including greater accessibility of the EEOC to the public, economic conditions, increased diversity and demographic shifts in the labor force, employees’ greater awareness of their rights under the law, and changes to the agency’s intake practices that cut down on the steps needed for an individual to file a charge,” reports the EEOC on its website.


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